Saturday, 9 January 2016

How to Get Virtual Credit Card or VCC

What is Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual credit card or vcc is not actually like physical credit card but can use it for maximum possible way like online shopping , bill payments, Recharge etc. You can use it through out the world through Internet to buy anything what you want.

Virtual Credit Card in India

VCC actually not very popular in India. But now a days its uses increasing rapidly.

What are the advantage of VCC?

1.You can issue it with out any Joining fee.
2. Annual Fee is also Zero.
3. VCC issuance is very simple with a few click.

How I can get VCC?

1. ICICI Bank Pockets Card- Download the ICICI Bank Pockets app for google play store. Install it. Fill up registration with proper information. You are done. You will get a visa vcc within a seconds.

2.SBI virtual Card- You can get it after Internet Banking login.

3.Payzapp vcc- Install Payzapp app form google playstore. Complete your personal details. After that you will get Payzapp virtual card (visa).